How To Face Your Fears Of Being Sober

For example, some people are afraid of flying in an airplane. But the risk of crashing in an aircraft is relatively low compared with other modes of transportation. Fear is a typical human emotion that can be overwhelming, implementing strategies to cope with fear may provide relief. According to an animal study published in the journal Science, the brain has to experience repeated exposure to fear in order to get over it. Researchers placed rodents in a small box and gave them a mild shock. Then, over a long period, they place the same rodents in a box without administering shocks.

How To Face Your Fears Of Being Sober

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“The decision to be sober is very personal,” says Jackson. “Whether a person’s sobriety journey is easy or challenging doesn’t take away from the fact that they are deserving of respect and joy.” For many people with a substance use disorder, it’s simply a matter of never having learned the appropriate way to manage anger.

Reinforce your efforts by seeking professional help

Sobriety is a general term for staying away from mood- and mind-altering substances, though there is no commonly agreed-upon medical definition in terms of what sobriety means. People in recovery generally agree that abstinence is necessary but remains just a starting point for a new, sober life. Even though you know the health complications drug use has brought to you, it’s not uncommon to fear life without it. In some situations, people are scared sober, meaning they suffer life-threatening consequences to overdosing or using.

Avoid Old Habits and Toxic Relationships

But that’s how we grow and learn, and how we learn to cope better when the next challenge presents itself. Over time, our ability to cope and come up with solutions that work for us becomes easier and easier. If you’re eager to open up about your sobriety but aren’t sure where to start, read on to find some helpful tips from mental health professionals. Plus, learn why it can be so beneficial for your own recovery journey to share your story. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success. Remember to care for yourself, seek supportive relationships, and consider seeking help from a therapist.

  • 💙 Awaken your potential by exploring the world around you and developing interests outside of substances by Saying Yes to Life.
  • You may no longer be in some people’s lives because of your actions.
  • The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it until you’ve got some solid, sober days under your belt.
  • The hope is that you will be ready to resume daily life after treatment, manage stressors and triggers, and stay sober for the long term.
  • Sobriety is a lifelong journey filled with challenges and obstacles but also incredible rewards.
  • These experiences can create lasting impressions and associations, leading to a persistent fear of monsters.

What Does Being Sober Mean?

  • We also encourage you to reach out to your therapist, support group, or loved ones⁠—especially when you feel anxiety attacks coming on.
  • Setbacks don’t erase progress, though, and they don’t mean you’ve “failed” to stay sober.
  • Take the sensation of fear and notice where it is in your body and place your hands over the space and imagine bringing in loving, healing energy to the pain and feel it gently dissipate.

Reaching out for support — whether to friends, family, or professionals like therapists or support groups — can provide the encouragement and guidance needed to take further steps toward sobriety. If you suspect you or your child has teraphobia, and it’s interfering with daily life, consider seeking guidance from a mental health professional. A therapist can offer support, help you understand the fear, and provide strategies to help you manage it. For someone who’s been living from one high to the next, the thought of a life free of drugs or alcohol can be downright terrifying. Being sober means being stripped of the one coping mechanism you have left. It means being forced to face life, with all of its stresses and speed bumps, without the crutch you’ve been using and depending on for so long.

Practice Healthy Living

How To Face Your Fears Of Being Sober

Addicts will have to face their relationships with people again, with their families, friends, and co-workers. They may have wronged some of these people, or they might be embarrassed about how they once acted. They’ll have to feel emotions again without numbing them with drink or drug and maneuver their way through tricky fear of being sober family and relationship dynamics. Addiction can be a way to avoid the things we don’t want to deal with. Sobriety means having to face uncomfortable truths about ourselves and others and having to stand up and be who we are. We may have to face all kinds of adversities and personal challenges while we come clean.

How To Face Your Fears Of Being Sober

  • They may have wronged some of these people, or they might be embarrassed about how they once acted.
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  • Nifaliophobia, or the fear of being sober, manifests as a significant and persistent fear related to the absence of alcohol or drugs from your life.
  • As opposed to feeling resentful or angry about having to avoid substances, seeing sobriety as a lifesaving gift can enthusiastically catapult the individual into recovery.
  • Most people dont consciously self-sabotage, but they have a deeply held belief that they dont deserve to succeed and, in so believing, never really put forth their best effort.
  • Most people will need ongoing support groups for some time after detox.

What Is Sobriety?